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The Bachelor Plan

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5 Things You Need To Know To Survive a Bachelor Party

We've hosted our fair share of bachelor parties and we've seen things many planners tend to overlook, which is how to survive. Below are 5 Things You Need To Know To Survive a Bachelor Party...

Survive Bachelor Party

1. Food
Be sure to pack some snacks or stop for burgers, plan to include a lunch spot in your bachelor party. The food will soak up some of the liquor and boost your body to keep going!

2. Don't wing it...
When you don't have a schedule it's easy to lose some friends along the way. Let everyone know what the start time is and where to meet. Have 'plans' every 4 hours. Whether it be starting off on a boat cruise for 4 hours with bikini clad hostesses, then going to lunch, then going to the hotel for 4 hours of poker - SET A SCHEDULE or prepare for your party to die.
IDEA: We had one bachelor party who took group photos every hour. It showed how quickly things can escalate and ensured the group stayed together.

3. Flasks (The hidden gem).
Pack some heat, and no, we aren't talking about weaponry. Have a few key members of your group keep a flask with them at all times incase the man of honour hits a lull. This flask should contain a deadly mix of the bachelor's favourite shot or mixed drink.

4. Be Prepared
Don't let the worry of tomorrow stop the fun of today. Pre-pack some bachelor plan hangover kits and include the essentials:
Gatorade - to revitalize your electrolytes
Granola Bar
Greasy Breakfast
T-Shirt - The day will no doubt get sloppy and many won't pre-pack a change of clothes. This T-Shirt can be custom made at places like Bang On to commemorate the day.

5. Go with the flow
You've spent weeks planning this epic day. Trust your schedule and ENJOY. The Bachelor will say 'I love you guys' for the rest of his life.