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The Bachelor Plan

Parties Vip Concierge Promo/Fundraisers


Dream Girl Golf Caddies

Our Dream Girls will drive your cart, keep score and make sure you always have a fresh beverage on hand. Their attire can be as formal or as fun as the course you play on.

Price: $40 per hour

Massages at the Turn

Have our Dream Girls set up their massage chairs on a hole at your tournament so your clients can limber up for the next swing.

Price: $220 for four hours

5 Card Stud Table

No one will be able to resist a hand of 5 card stud dealt by a Dream Girl at one of the holes.  A great way to raise funds or just add to the fun.

Price: $55 per hour

At the Clubhouse

Keep the action going with a black jack party, a poker tournament or a full scale casino party at the post game reception.

Price available upon request


Golf Tournie