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Planning Your Party

The best Bachelor Party ideas Vancouver, Kelowna and Whistler - The Bachelor Plan has been doing Bachelor and Stag parties for over eight years and in that time we have learned a thing or two about how to plan them.

Assemble the guest list

Talk to the groom and the best man to make sure all the key people are invited. Consider ahead the number you would like to have. Some people like a smaller group of 4-8, others prefer a big number of 15 or more. Check with the groom to see what he thinks. Once you have decided on the venue, activities and budget get a DEPOSIT. Too many times have we seen a small number of guys get stuck holding the bag when their buddies jam-tart at the last minute.

Choosing the date

Offer the group two dates via email before deciding on the final party date. You will never get a date that works for everyone but offering two dates will allow you to get the maximum number of guys out. Offering more than two gives the guests too much choice.


The days of going to a strip club or sitting around with a stripper are long over. These days a bachelor party should be fun with a lot of activities. Consider paintball, go-kart racing, our Guns and Girls package at an indoor shooting range, fishing, golfing with
sexy caddies or going out on a wakeboard boat as some options.

Destination Party?

Is it in town or overnight? If it is an overnight destination consider Kelowna or Whistler. Both are great places to have it as well as offering a ton of fun things to do. The Bachelor Plan can arrange special hotel pricing.

Day vs. night and a mixed crew

Many people are respectful that future father in laws or other “sensitive” guests may want to attend so they divide the day events and the night events. The day events are more tame and the night events are where things get crazy.


How many bachelor parties have you seen where a group of dudes is sitting around a club or bar with no girls around. Girls are critical to the event being fun. Not only are beautiful girls wonderful to have around but they attract other girls. A big group of hungry guys is girl repellant. Consider using The Bachelor Plan Dream Girls to liven up the party.

Evening entertainment

Consider hosting a private topless poker game at the Bachelor Pad before getting VIP treatment and limo to the local clubs. Worrying about taxis or who’s driving and standing in line is the ultimate buzz kill. The Bachelor Plan can arrange all of this.

Follow the rules

  1. Don’t be cheap! This is your buddy’s big party so reach into your pocket to ensure he doesn’t take out his wallet and that you showed him a good time.
  2. No pictures, even if you think it is hilarious.
  3. Shut up about the night remember loose lips sink ships!

Take all the stress and hassle of trying to organize all of this and let the professionals at The Bachelor Plan do it for you. They have done thousands of parties for every budget and will make sure it gets done right!